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The clubinho is a program for 72 children aged between 6 and 16 years. Activities such as doing handicrafts, painting, theatre, music and inventing choreographies promote the childrens’ creative abilities. A cognitive program aims to improve the childrens’ capacity to absorb school material. Moreover the children are taught social competence and to assume reponsibility through games and sport. We further teach them life principles with the help of biblical stories. Nutritious snacks provided during breaks assure the childrens’ wellbeing and help to create a sense of community. Finally, the children participate in programmes for the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, and are educated on topics such as sexuality and hygiene.


Workshops: In the workshops we help women to develop their manual abilities and talents. The handiworks which they can partly craft at home serve as an additional income for the women of Jardim Icaraí.

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Since 2010 we practice floorball  in Recanto Esperança for the promotion of physical abilities and addiction prevention. One advantage of this activity is that girls and boys can play together. Every now and then the team participates in tournaments. With the help of floorball we are able to reach out to adolescents which can practice in the evenings after school hours.


Bazaar: Approximately every three months we organise a bazaar at which residents of Jardim Icaraí can purchase second hand clothes, shoes, household items, toys and in part furniture. This helps them to purchase inexpensively, whereas the revenues are used for maintenance work of the organisation’s building.